Jodi Debbrecht Switalski

Legal Warrior & Defense Attorney Jodi Switalski

Your Legal Warrior

Jodi Switalski’s reputation as a ‘Legal Warrior’, family law and criminal defense attorney is rivaled by few. Intimidating at times, Jodi utilizes a creative approach, taking a strong stance with legal purpose.  

You won’t find stronger legal representation than Jodi Switalski.
She has been successful from every angle of the law – as a felony prosecutor, as a sitting judge, and now as a winning family and criminal defense attorney and advocate. She presents groundbreaking strategies and compelling arguments using her education and experience to win over judges and juries alike.

Jodi’s credentials are unmatched. In addition to her law degree, she has a Bachelors in Psychology and a Masters in Human Development, Family Studies, Mediation and Public Policy. She is a former judge and assistant felony prosecutor, lifelong victim’s advocate and attorney. She is known for being completely prepared for any situation, aggressive in her approach and presents her cases with the utmost of integrity.

Jodi understands the impact of trauma (PTSD, TBI, traumatic events) and substance abuse (illicit drug use, legal prescriptions resulting in addiction, and steroids) on the brain, decision making, and relationships. By revealing the pivotal moments in her clients’ lives and telling their complete stories of mental health, domestic violence, addiction, and other traumatic issues, Jodi has successfully influenced the criminal justice system, winning cases and decreasing consequences where any other defense attorney would have merely settled.

Jodi’s drive, experience and resistance to the status quo make her the legal warrior and defense attorney you need standing alongside you in any court of law.

“As a qualified, national expert in substance abuse, mental health and violence, I take significant interest in cases involving interpersonal violence, substance abuse and mental health issues due to the impact on the family unit as a whole. Care and consideration are taken to craft outcomes that are therapeutic, empower recovery and change, protect the children who are caught in the middle. My unique education and experience affords me the ability to work to maintain positive, sometimes multi-disciplinary, but always confidential results for my clients.”

Jodi Switalski speaking at the state capital UFAM Rally

Why Jodi Is Different

Experience and Passion

Jodi pushes toward righteousness and true justice even when everyone insists she will fail. She believes in the power of human kindness and mercy especially when faced or presented with the truth. 

I believe that together, attorney and client, we can make a difference in your case and ultimately your life.”

This is where the prosecutor, the judge, the legal scholar, and the advocate in her collide… all to benefit you, the person with legal challenges. She doesn’t see her role as an opportunity to make money off of your misfortune. She sees this as an opportunity to help right a wrong; an opportunity to create change an unbalanced system. You won’t find in anyone else, this same combination of skills, education and experience.

From Our Clients

“Jodi Switalski is intelligent, professional and sharp…! Jodi gives honest advice of what you need to hear – not what you want to hear.


“Jodi was instrumental in getting the Veteran’s Court established at the 51st District Court. She worked tirelessly and many, many hours of her own personal time to make sure that the veterans were getting a fair shake and their needs being recognized. I have personally witnessed how many were able to turn their lives around because of this program.” 

D. Kelley Macomb Daily Letters to the Editor

“THANK YOU for giving your Compassion, your Time, your Knowledge, your LOVE, and TEARS! You are the real deal!”


“I need someone to be my warrior.

They told me it was you.” 

– Mother of a person in recovery

Former Judge & Former Assistant Prosecutor Advocate