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Consulting Services - Jodi Switalski specializes in mental health, addiction, mental health, domestic abuse and recovery. overy rally with Unite to Face Addiction.

It’s time to stop talking about it. It’s time for solutions. It’s time to…BE THE CHANGE.

Jodi Switalski is a national expert on opioid addiction, substance abuse, mental health and controlled substance. She speaks nationally to organizations, non-profits and medical professionals on addiction, liability, prescribing advice and risk mitigation when it comes to controlled substances. 

Jodi combines the most current legal, administrative and statutory evidence-based research for shifting the paradigm of impact and response to drugs in the workplace, in your medical practice, school, community and more. Jodi’s delivery is unexpected. Her passion, skill and expert knowledge engages any crowd. Jodi holds her own and attendees leave feeling empowered.  

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Be The Change

Opioid, Mental Health and Controlled Substance and Substance Abuse

Only an attorney with Jodi’s experience can speak to diverse organizations and demographics about the opioid crisis in America, mental health and recovery like she does.  Regardless of the discipline, profession, entity, or organization, each individual will leave the presentation with a solution that can quickly – if not immediately – be implemented to stem the greatest drug epidemic this country has ever seen. It is our responsibility to inform and give a face to those affected by addiction. Jodi does that and more! 

Jodi’s lectures have been heard at some of the most widely recognized conferences and centers in the country. 

Powerful • Motivating • Informative

Notable Presentations and Engagements

  • The International Conference on Opioids at Harvard Medical School 
  • Boston University’s SCOPE of Pain panelist 
  • Regional and National Treatment Courts
  • Community Anti-Drug Coalition
  • The Inaugural CARE talks in New York City
  • Instructor at the US Probation Conference
  • Madonna University’s Law Enforcement Leadership Institute 
  • Rockhurst High School (presenting since 2013)
  • Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine
  • Florida State Medical Society, Michigan State Medical Society (both CME)
  • The Alliance & National Cooperative Annual Conference (workplace)
  • International Association of Law Enforcement Standards and Directors
  • Michigan Association of Family Physicians, Michigan Primary Care Association (both CME)
  • Nevada Board of Dental Examiners (CME)
  • Society for Minimally Invasive Spine Surgeons
  • Seattle Study Clubs (across the country)
  • Ten State Conference (Family Physicians)
  • Vistage Workplace Programs
  • Marietta, OH High Schools, Law Enforcement and Medical Community programs (3 day presentation)
  • Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of America
  • CT Academy of Family Physicians; CT Academy of Physicians
  • Numerous keynote presentations for Native American Tribes around the US
  • Smoky Mountain Criminal Justice Conference
  • OK Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Conference (Keynote)
  • Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of America
  • Texas Nurse Practitioners Conference (Keynote)
  • The International Conference on Opioids, Harvard Medical School (Keynote)
  • MD Anderson Cancer Hospital, Houston, Texas
  • Boston University SCOPE of Pain, Panelist
  • National Society for Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery
  • US Probation Department, New Jersey
  • Western Connecticut Medical Group, Danbury and Norwalk, CT in conjunction with Newtown, CT School and Community presentations
  • Wayne State Pharmacy School (keynote), PharmD program
  • PAIN Weekend
  • National Association of Drug Court Professionals Conference (Keynote)

                               From Our Clients

[Former] Judge Jodi has…become a game-changer for the prescription and illicit drug epidemic. She has more clinical and scientific acumen in opioid pain and addiction medicine than 95% of current practicing physicians. SHE WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

Daniel A. Schwarz, MD

Chief Medical Officer of JAS Genetics, LLC

(Former Judge) Jodi’s energy and compassion for her cases, and humanity itself, was so admirable. I was certainly inspired by her conviction to make positive changes in the criminal justice system.

Leslie Vargas

Sr. US Probation Officer (Treatment Specialist)

Any prescribing provider who wants to do the right thing for their patients and their practice in the opioid epidemic would greatly benefit from partnering with Jodi Switalski.” 

Beth Gentner

Director of Clinical Services, Fenton Medical Center, Fenton, MI

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