Addiction, Mental Health, Domestic Abuse and Recovery Expertise

Jodi Switalski expertise includes domestic abuse, mental health, addiction and black.

Like No Other.

No other firm has the background and expertise that Jodi Debbrecht Switalski brings to Switalski Law. This is her education, law practice, advocacy and life.

The law collides with addiction and domestic violence, abuse, mental health, opioids and recovery at Switalski Law.   

“Jodi puts the HERO in HEROINE….” is one grieving mother’s description of Jodi Switalski’s efforts to stem the drug epidemic that is dismantling America.

Jodi’s drive, experience and resistance to the status quo make her the legal warrior and defense attorney you need standing alongside you in any court of law. Her expertise in domestic violence, addiction, mental health and more can provide a unique advantage that is simply unmatched.

“As a qualified, national expert in substance abuse, mental health addiction and violence, I take significant interest in cases involving interpersonal violence, substance abuse and mental health issues due to the impact on the family unit as a whole. Care and consideration are taken to craft outcomes that are therapeutic, empower recovery and change, protect the children who are caught in the middle. My unique education and experience affords me the ability to work to maintain positive, sometimes multi-disciplinary, but always confidential results for my clients.”

Jodi Switalski specializes in addiction, mental health, domestic abuse and recovery. overy rally with Unite to Face Addiction.

Jodi’s Background

Before working as a prosecuting attorney, Jodi worked in the medical and treatment fields and law enforcement while focusing her education (undergraduate, graduate, and even her law degree) on issues surrounding interpersonal violence, mental health, and substance abuse. These issues repeatedly impact family and criminal law which are the lead practices areas of Switalski Law. Those with mental health or physical health problems often suffer from comorbidity which can lead into depression and addiction which Jodi is well versed in. She has worked for over 25 years in the field of juvenile law in varying capacities and understands the impact of trauma, attachment, and family dynamics as we age.

Given her diverse experiences and education, Jodi will never lose sight of the individual as a client and the trust and vulnerability that they are experiencing during these difficult life changes. Jodi takes significant interest in cases involving interpersonal violence, substance abuse, domestic abuse, addiction and mental health issues due to the impact on the family unit as a whole. Due to her diverse background, Jodi is able to provide a personal service unmatched by other firms.  

Putting A Face To Jodi’s FIGHT

Paige was a 22 year old girl-next-door who was introduced to addiction after an opioid prescription for dental work. Jodi was the judge assigned to Paige’s treatment court.

This is where Jodi witnessed first-hand the devastating effects of interpersonal violence, substance abuse, and dependency within our families, our children and our communities. When Paige died from a fentanyl laced heroin overdose, it put a face to the victims.

Since then, Jodi has funneled the hurt and devastation experienced by all who fought for Paige into telling Paige’s story in speeches and seminars with doctors, dentists, pharmacists, addiction groups and more.  

Paige's Promise - Addiction

Paige’s mother founded Paige’s PROMISE, a non-profit that raises awareness of opioid addiction, educates and promotes recovery. To learn more, please click Paige’s Promise.

From Our Clients

“I need someone to be my warrior. They told me it was you.”


I will always be grateful you fought with the heart of a Lion for all in recovery and to help show Chris deserved his daughter returned! Thank you! ” 


“Off she goes to save our children one at a time.”