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Men often feel there is a different reality and prejudice towards them vs. women in divorce proceedings. Are they at a disadvantage? Sometimes, yes, they can be unless you have an attorney who is experienced in fighting for men’s rights, will take an aggressive stance and will stand by you in court.

Together, Mark and Jodi have a combined 50+ years of experience in the family law arena. They understand the obligations that men face such as alimony support, equitable distribution of assets, debt and more. They are aggressive in their fight for fairness and protection of a dad’s rights. 

 Switalski Law understands the love that fathers have for their children and harbor the core belief that children need a relationship with both parents. Many times, sterotypes are perpetuated and the status quo continues. We recognize the challenges and have the background and legal expertise to push past them. Jodi’s undergraduate degree in psychology with an emphasis in children, behavior and family studies helps to inform many of our court cases. Mark leads the mediation group at Switalski Law and is a retired family law judge who has settled hundreds of divorce cases and child custody disputes. 

Men need to be cognizant of the following factors and more:

  • Alimony
  • Child custody
  • Equitable distribution of assets
  • College expenses
  • Child support
  • Visitation
  • Prenuptial Agreements
  • Your rights
  • Modification of divorce if a change in your circumstances or your spouses (Jodi will keep your files and can handle this years later)

If you are in the military, divorce can be more complicated due to regulations, specific rules, calculations for support, retirement benefits, etc. Both Mark and Jodi are former Veteran Treatment Court judges who fluently understand what military (or their spouses) face after their years of service to the country. To learn more about Switalski Law’s specilization in veterans and the law, click here: Veterans 

Men need an experienced and knowledgeable attorney by their side when going through a divorce, especially if there are children involved. You need skilled legal representation and an aggressive approach. Our firm will work to understand the overall situation, craft a legal strategy that you approve of and negotiate a fair settlement. Switalski Law is adept at handling the most complex of cases that may involve your investments, property and retirement accounts. We promise to work with you to ensure that alimony child support and the division of assets will be fair. 

We Love When Dads WIN!

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