Criminal Law Attorney


Jodi is a unique criminal defense attorney with experience that comes from being a former judge and former assistant prosecutor.

Jodi is aggressive, thinks outside the box and will fight for you when nobody else will. 

Justice requires a strict and knowledgeable adherence to our Constitutional values. You deserve an attorney with passion, expert knowledge, and proven success in all of these areas of criminal litigation.

In seeking true justice for you, we look at all sources and explanations impacting your arrest or detention. Beyond the facts of your case, our criminal attorneys look at causation (intent to commit an unlawful act), personal history, personal trauma, mental health, the impact of traumatic brain injury (TBI), or substances on decision making and memory, and so much more.

Why? Because as your criminal defense attorney, we must paint your full picture to the judge and/or jury. Telling your journey is powerful and effective. And having a lawyer knowledgeable and skilled in this type of assessment, plus, the ability to clearly articulate it in their allocation on your behalf, means the difference between a defense that can result in a mitigation of the outcome (even an acquittal)- or loss of your freedom.

Types of Cases Include:


Assault and Battery


Driving Under The Influence of Drugs/Alcohol


Drug Charges




Weapons Crimes


Theft Crimes, Including Burglary, Robbery and Petty Theft


Sex Crimes, Including Rape and Sexual Assault

“Cases involving a Criminal Law Attorney are so much more than just the elements of the offense – did someone “do it” or didn’t they. Justice requires a full analysis of all the facts.”

– Judge Mark (Ret) and Jodi – Criminal Law Defense Attorneys

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