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Trial Ready.

Whether you are getting sued or considering filing a lawsuit, the feelings and the unknowns can be overwhelming. It is our job to shift that uncertainty – to tackle the fear. In doing so, we utilize a relentless approach in advocating our client’s position. 

 Switalski Law does not back down. Following a comprehensive investigation involving interviews and analysis, we engage on your behalf in the most responsibly aggressive stance balancing potential outcomes with costs. These can include emotional, financial and other costs associated with the trial. If we cannot reach a settlement through mediation or case evaluation, Mark and Jodi will vigorously defend you in the court of law no matter the criminal or civil liability. They are well-respected, professional and accomplished attorneys with proven experience. 

Litigation is complex. It is inherently unfair no matter what the circumstances. Together with Switalski Law, we balance the risks with the benefits to be gained so that you can achieve an outcome that mitigates your damages. These legal disputes between two parties typically seek out financial compensation, future losses and legal fees.  An experienced attorney is a mandate. 

We promise to serve as your advocate. We will fight for you to achieve the best possible outcome. As former judges, we are at home in a courtroom and experienced across all angles of the law. We will be by your side through all phases of litigation from investigation, pleadings, discovery, pre-trial and settlement. 

Switalski Law is known for its vigorous, smart representation. Whether that is at case evaluation or throughout discovery, our firm is TRIAL READY. And we WIN! 


Litigation Services Oakland County - Judge Mark (Ret) and Jodi Switalski in the courtroom.

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