Military Divorce

We Represent The Military Service Member Or The Spouse Who Supported Them While In Service

Military Divorce

Divorce is never easy even under normal circumstances.  And when one or both parties has served this Country in great sacrifice to the rest of us citizens, the breakdown of that marriage can be plagued by bureaucratic tape and filled with legal land mines.

You need someone in the arena who understands military process, systems, the dynamic of military issues that may have led to the breakdown of the marriage and more.  As Judges, both Mark and Jodi Switalski, founded and operated veterans treatment courts.  They worked tirelessly to advocate for those who have served this Country and now extend their work and understanding of service men and women’s needs to the family law arena.

And we are in the arena with you!

Nuances of military divorce include an understanding of:

  • Residency – where will you and the children live?
  • Custody of the children
  • Military spousal support
  • Pension Division
  • Taxes
  • Servicemembers Civil Relief Act
  • Other Military Divorce Entitlements
  • The 20 Year Rule

Critical to the divorce process is an understanding of what is at stake. At Switalski Law, we’ve got your six!

As a Veterans advocate myself, I recognized early on your very special commitment to the cause and your sincere passion. You are the best! Good Luck to you in all your future endeavors. If there is anything I can do for you or the Veterans Courts of Michigan; The Friends of the North Oakland County Veterans Treatment Group; or the 51st District Court staff, just let me know. Thank you for all you do and have done for “at-risk” Vets! 

– Michael Navalta

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