Mediation, Facilitation, and Arbitration

Hon. Mark Switalski (Ret)

“A distinguished jurist who brought honor and dignity to the bench.”

“A terrific ability to listen respectfully to both sides.”

“Rules against an attorney without making them feel they weren’t heard.…”

Oakland County Mediation - Judge Mark Switalski (Ret) hard at work at Switalski Law, PLLC

Mediation, Facilitation and Arbitration are excellent alternatives to the often expensive and time-consuming litigation and/or lengthy court battle. They are considered forms of alternative dispute resolution and bring parties together in an effort to resolve their issues outside of the courtroom while applying the experience, skill, empathy and knowledge of the courtroom rules and the judge’s preferences.


Divorce can be extremely costly, financially and emotionally. When a relationship becomes acrimonious, fear and anger drive the litigation. The children suffer. Costs spiral out of control. The fight can leave scars that don’t heal.

  • Mark Switalski can guide the parties through all issues in a divorce and reach a fair, equitable, and timely resolution. He’s done it countless times as a judge.
  • Mark Switalski will keep the litigants focused. Foremost are the best interests of the children. They deserve a great relationship with both parents.
  • Any Divorce has important financial consequences for both sides. Mark Switalski will go to work on a settlement that works for both parties.

Mediation, Divorce Mediation, Custody, Child Support, Parenting Time, Spousal Support, Real Estate, 401(k)s, Pensions, QDROs, Business Valuations, Personal Property – the list can be endless. Regardless of the issue, whether the Marital Estate is large or small, Mark Switalski has resolved it as a judge. He’ll put his experience to work for you.

 Civil Facilitation and Mediation

A skilled mediator can facilitate a voluntary resolution of a dispute with an agreement that is satisfactory to both parties. The litigants control the outcome and avoid the time, risk, and expense of a trial. As a Circuit Judge Mark tried dozens of civil jury trials – personal injury, product liability, malpractice, construction, breach of contract, insurance claims, and business disputes of all kinds. He presided over all different kinds of outcomes, from million-dollar verdicts to no causes. He tried countless bench trials. In addition, Mark conducted hundreds of settlement conferences over the years where he helped the parties resolve their differences.

Mark can handle complex litigation. He participated as a mediator in a pilot project for the Court of Appeals, where he successfully mediated a case on appeal with four insurance carriers and a jury verdict in excess of $20 million.
Mark will put his skills and experience to work for you.

Oakland County Mediation - Honorable Mark Switalski (Ret) posting at a lecturn in Macomb County Circuit Courtroom.


Litigation can be expensive, time consuming, and risky. Mark Switalski knows that. He started the first Business Court in the State of Michigan when he was the Chief Judge of the Macomb County Circuit Court. Arbitration is a way to avoid some of the cost, delays, and unpredictability clients face in jury trial.

After 33 years as a trial judge, Mark has a reputation that demonstrates neutrality and fairness. You can trust he’ll be fair to you.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

“…always the voice of calm and reason in the most chaotic of cases.”

Office Accommodations

ADR requires a setting with designated rooms that are controlled and neutral for both parties to discuss and negotiate terms that lead to a resolution outside of a courtroom. Click below to learn more.