Veterans and The Law

Former Judge Jodi Switalski and Judge Mark Switalski (Ret) in VTC Veteran Treatment Court Founders

We Fight For Those Who Fought For Us

Mark and Jodi Switalski are former Veteran Treatment Court judges. They fluently understand what our veterans face after their years of service to our country.

They actively advocate for individuals and/or their families as our service members navigate recovery and seek remedies to legal situations that impede their progress.  

Re-entering society after experiencing combat stress and trauma can have adverse effects on vets and their families. Many veterans find themselves involved with the justice system due to circumstances that inhibit their adjustment back to civilian life. PTSD, addiction, mental health, family issues, opioid abuse and injuries are some of the contributing factors.  Jodi’s background in domestic abuse, addiction, mental health and recovery along with Mark and Jodi’s combined 12 years on the Veterans Treatment Court bench make Switalski Law the legal firm to turn to when involved with the justice system.

Mark and Jodi understand PTSD and combat stress. They know the best treatments, resources and tools available to prevent recidivism. Jodi is a legal warrior in the courtroom and both are fierce advocates of veterans, the military and their families. They know the systems to utilize, the research involved, the paperwork needed, the specific language to use and how to cut through the red tape. Not every attorney can handle military issues with the law. Switalski Law specializes in it.

Military divorce isn't the same as civilian divorce.

Military Factors Impact Virtually All Legal Matters

For example, military divorce is not the same as it is in civilian life. We represent both service members and the spouses affected. We know what factors will impact you, your children, your retirement, custody, spousal support and more. We can help answer questions like this: 

Do I file in my state of legal residence or where I am currently living? There are pros and cons to both. We can help you make decisions on whether to file in the state of legal residence or where the service member/family is currently living. 

How are military pensions handled and what percentage do military spouses receive? It is important to understand how the state handles military pension. If the divorce is not filed in the state of legal residence, the court may not have the authority to divide a pension. 

How is child support determined and collected? We understand the various elements of a service member’s pay (base pay, housing allowance, special pay, etc) and how it can change based on transfers, deployment, etc. 

Not every attorney can handle military issues with the law. Switalski Law specializes in it.

Both Judge Mark Switalski (Ret) and Former Judge Jodi Debbrecht Switalski’s VTC courts consisted of a treatment team and veteran mentors who serve by giving their time and dedication to the veterans in need of help.

“There is a definite need for this program to help our veterans. We can now give back, restore and save their lives.” ~ Former Judge Jodi Switalski, Oakland County 51st District Court VTCI 

Judge Jodi Switalski in Veterans Treatment Court

Whether a veteran seeking a military divorce or the family of one, you need an attorney with a solid understanding of military life and the law. As strong advocates and founders of nationally recognized veterans treatment courts, Judge Mark (Ret) and Former Judge Jodi Switalski have worked with the military and their organizations for years. 

From Our Clients

“You are fierce Veteran advocates. Thank you for working tirelessly on their behalf.”


“Judge Switalski could’ve sent me to prison. Instead, he gave me the chance to realize how valuable my life is. He gave us a good outlook on what life could really be like for us.” 


“Thank you for having his back and ensuring he is represented fairly. What ever happens at sentencing, I know unequivocally that you have him in heart.


Veteran Legal Issues Are Not The Same