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Family Law cases can be brutal. Switalski Law won’t back down. We will protect your rights, your kids and your reputation. 

As former judges, Mark and Jodi have tried hundreds of cases. With over 65 years of experience, your case is in good hands. They have the knowledge, they know the process and they have solutions to help your family. 

Family Law Attorney - Switalski Law

With Switalski Law, matters involving all aspects of family law will be handled with care including dissolution of marriage, parenting time, grandparent rights, adoption, child support, military divorce, custody disputes and more. 

You won’t find representation with a more diverse education, background and experience to serve your family’s best interests than Switalski Law.

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Grandparent Rights


Prenuptial Agreement


Residence Change

Divorces can be brutal but having a professional, experienced family law attorney by your side will help all parties.


Mark and Jodi have experience in family law from all angles. This includes family divorce including high conflict, collaborative and facilitative divorce and have successfully litigated divorce cases with minimal financial and custody issues to couples whose assets total in the multi-millions of dollars. Family matters can be extremely emotional and stressful for all parties. They range from dissolution of marriage and adoption to child support, custody disputes and domestic violence. 

Mark is known for his work as a Macomb County Circuit Court Judge where he dealt with the emotional and personal impact to families for 20 years. He has tried and settled hundreds of divorce cases, child custody disputes, adoptions, annulments, paternity and more. Mark has been a featured speaker at many family law seminars.

Jodi’s educational background includes an undergraduate degree in Psychology with an emphasis on children with behavioral disorders. Her graduate work was in Family Studies, Public Policy, and Mediation. Then, she gained a law degree which has exposed her to successfully prosecuting rape cases, child abuse cases (sexual and physical abuse), interpersonal violence, and more. Before going to law school, she worked for many years in a juvenile detention facility and juvenile justice system and served as a victim advocate for a law enforcement unit.  

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Child Custody

Child Support

Spousal Support

High Asset Divorce Attorney - Oakland County Divorce Attorney

High Asset Divorce

Military Divorce

Same Sex Divorce

Father's Rights

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“Jodi Switalski is working on my daughter’s stepparent adoption. I’m so blessed to have her in my corner for this amazing experience.”

– Nina Denny

From Our Clients

[Former] Judge Jodi has…become a game-changer for the prescription and illicit drug epidemic. She has more clinical and scientific acumen in opioid pain and addiction medicine than 95% of current practicing physicians. SHE WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

Daniel A. Schwarz, MD

Chief Medical Officer of JAS Genetics, LLC

(Former Judge) Jodi’s energy and compassion for her cases, and humanity itself, was so admirable. I was certainly inspired by her conviction to make positive changes in the criminal justice system.

Leslie Vargas

Sr. US Probation Officer (Treatment Specialist)

Any prescribing provider who wants to do the right thing for their patients and their practice in the opioid epidemic would greatly benefit from partnering with Jodi Switalski.” 

Beth Gentner

Director of Clinical Services, Fenton Medical Center, Fenton, MI